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Race Comprehension Test

On Wednesday 30th May we're going to be writing a little comprehension test about the movie Race. You need to practice the vocabulary from Quizlet , read through the handout and repeat the background of the movie (political situation in Germany in 1936, who was in power, what was their ideology?, etc.), and prepare to write a bit about the main characters from the movie. The test will take one lesson. If you miss it on Wednesday, you'll have to take it on Thursday 31st May. See you soon!


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VOCABULARY AND HOMEWORK AFTER LESSON nr. 1 (Friday 13th October) So, we're underway! We've talked about culture a bit today and I was impressed with your knowledge (kunskaper), awareness (medvetenhet) and understanding (förståelse) of the subject. But we'll go even deeper and try to expand your horizons (vidga er horisont) even more. Here is some useful vocabulary that we've used today. Make sure you practice these words via conversations in the classroom and in the texts that we'll write throughout the project. Here it goes: 
Building blocks (byggsten) of culture
traditions and norms perspective values and religion music, dance, literature, the arts in general 
Some features (drag) of Swedish culture:
reserved (tillbakadragen) or low-key equality democracy fairness (rättvisa)   secular society = where the religion and the government are separated 
Homework by Friday 20th October: Write a short description of yourself (check out the descriptions of American stud…

Class 9A weeks 49 and 50

Hello class 9A:

here's a little planner for the following couple of lessons to end the term on a high:

Week 49
Thursday: finish the scripts for the cooking show (teacher must check and approve it); finish the responses to our American friends;  practice the Quizlet Week 50
Tuesday: you stay at home and tape the cooking showThursday: you bring the videos of the cooking shows with you and we look at some of them + do the Quizlet!

Food Phrases and Vocabulary

There are so many fun phrases in the English language when it comes to food. Surely you've heard someone scream "Say cheese!" when taking a photo? Or when something was easy, someone said "that's a piece of cake"? Well, there are many more: follow this link to learn and practice them on Quizlet!The Quizlet also contains other important words you should learn during this project.

Then write down short situations where you can use every phrase. For example: A photographer is directing a group of people how and where to stand. When everyone is ready he screams: "Say cheese!" And everybody smiles!

Class 9A: Quizlet test on 7th December
Class 9D: Quizlet test on 8th December